San Tin (Yuen Long) Culture and Ghost Stories Cycling Tour

Wickedly fun tour to explore Hong Kong’s traditional beliefs in one of the oldest villages in Hong Kong

We love cycling…
We love ghost stories…
We love to explore different cultures…

So why not combine all these!?

How to tell if one is being haunted? How to avoid bad luck in your life? How does paper art connect to the spiritual world? Why is a family temple so important in Chinese traditions? Or maybe you just want to know about different myths and ghost stories?

Come join our Traditional Culture + Ghost Stories Cycling Tour and you will be impressed!

Highlights of the San Tin Culture + Ghost Stories Tour

  • Family temple of one of the oldest villages in Hong Kong
  • Haunted abandoned school
  • Paper art connecting you to the world of God and Ghost
  • Myths, Traditions, and knowledge relating to the Chinese funeral and spiritual world
  • Chinese Ouija Board introduction (Don’t worry, we will not be playing it!)

Information of the San Tin Culture + Ghost Story Cycling Tour

Location: San Tin “Let’s Bike HK” Rental Shop

Time: 2 – 3 Hours

Starting Time: Latest by 4 PM because we would like to arrive at the haunted school when there is still sunlight

Cost: Bike Rental (HKD 80 – 100) + Optional Tips

Group Size: 8 – 12 persons

Please call +852 6517 6898 or Whats App +852 5261 3413 to Pre Book.